Python exercises for ages 10+

Create a password checker

Part 1

The two most consistently common passwords in the world are “password” and “123456”. Write a program that asks the user for a password and, if it’s one of those two, to tell the user that their password is insecure. Otherwise it should tell them that it’s secure.

Part 2

Extend your program to check if the given password is below 8 characters. If it is, the program should tell the user that their password is too short and therefore insecure.


Python has built-in functions for checking if a string is all lowercase or all uppercase. These are foo.islower() and foo.isupper(), where foo is a string. For example:

text = "BAR"
# Outputs True
# Outputs False

Using these functions, extend your password checker to make sure that a given password has at least one uppercase and one lowercase character; if it does not, tell the user that the password is too insecure because it has no uppercase or lowercase characters respectively.